A couple of years ago Björn Stigson, then president of the Wold Business Counsel for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), stated that business cannot succeed in a society that fails. This is even more true today. Consumers are more knowledgable and demanding; NGO’s are technically savvy and informed, and governments are more actively shaping product choice.  Only when businesses - manufacturers, retailers and brand owners alike - engage in purposeful conversations with all in society can they unlock all potential value with all their stakeholders. Respective roles and responsibilities are as much part of that conversation as product benefits and company performance.


Purposeful conversations are not about avoiding disagreement or ‘green washing’ but about open minded discussions around each other’s positions. Van de Wijs & Partners helps clients deliver clear business messages. Below some examples of a clear business voice.


Why publishing sustainability reports does not equal stakeholder engagement. Blog based on talk given as senior associate for GlobeScan at the Reporting 3.0 conference in Berlin. October 2, 2014


Firms want politicians to ‘take responsibility’ at Rio. Interview with Euractiv.com during the UN Rio+20 conference discussing the 'impatience' from business and the concern that the participants in Rio did not share the sense of urgency leading businesses feel. June 21, 2012


A sustainable new year's resolution. Post for the Guardian Sustainable Business blog looking at what happens when companies start putting sustainability at the core of their products. January 10, 2012


Green Economy: the business perspective speech delivered during the 19th annual conference of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC); Wraclaw, Poland. September 16, 2011 (page 35 onwards)


Business is tackling climate change while the world waits. Post for the Guardian Sustainable Business providing a business reflection on the outcomes of the UNFCCC climate discussions in Cancun. January 25, 2011


Promoting sustainability in international and comparative perspective. Speech and short interview for INSEAD Knowledge outlining WBCSD's Vision 2050 and focusing on the roles of government and the private sector to reach that vision delivered during the 24th Sustainability Executive Round Table at INSEAD. November 26, 2010



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