vdwp offers a full range of communication and reputation services to create purposeful conversations for our clients. Our core competencies are strategic counseling and implementation management. 


A good conversation strategy starts with an in-depth analysis of the topic of conversation, the positions of our client and others, and where (location and/or media) the dialogue is (or isn’t) taking place. Thanks to a close collaboration with some of the world’s leading research agencies we offer evidence based strategies and message development and track the impact of communication campaigns we design.


Our activities include: 

  • Positioning strategies
  • Message development
  • Message testing
  • Media relations
  • Concept development, advertising and design
  • Political outreach
  • Issues management
  • Research coordination
  • Pre and post-measurement


The business model of vdwp allows us to tailor the conversation plans to our client’s rather than the capabilities and capacity that happen to be available in house. We partner with the appropriate specialists to ensure effective implementation of the agreed plans. vdwp as the project manager continues to be the single touch point for our clients.


    Guiding principles

    1. Purposeful conversations through honest and clear communications hold the key to unlocking all potential value with all the groups companies interact with.
    2. Profitable businesses have an important positive role to play in society. 
    3. Not only is it possible for 9+ billion people to live well and within in the limits of one planet, it offers great opportunities for innovative businesses.

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