At vdwp we believe that there is a perfect team for each project. Through us you will have access to a select group of renowned partners that ensure the right skills for your project. Each partner has a proven track record in their field and is a recognised leader. As a client you are not locked into a fixed set of solutions and media, and you are not confronted with the huge overhead that typically comes with large consultancy firms. 



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Outreach Strategies is a communications and public affairs firm promoting positive change on environmental and natural resource challenges. Operating at the intersection of international business, policy and public engagement, OS offers advanced sustainability solutions for economic growth and resiliency.




Peter Paul van de Wijs started Van de Wijs & Partners reputation and sustainability consultants in September 2012 following 2.5 years as member of the Executive Team of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). At the WBCSD he was initially responsible for the overall communications and the coordination of the advocacy efforts. Under his guidance a new positioning and branding strategy was developed and implemented. 

In October 2010 he was also named the Managing Director for the Business Role Focus Area (TBR); one of the four major work areas of the Council. TBR addresses the questions around the role of business in society when it comes to addressing questions around sustainability and resource challenges. Much of Van de Wijs’s work in this area was built around creating conversations about the role of business based on Vision 2050; WBCSD’s attempt to understand the impact of a world population set to grow to 9 billion by 2050 and to define what business can and should do to deal with this change. As a natural progression from these discussions, Van de Wijs, working with member companies and external experts, lead the effort to assess what public policies would help stimulate business to address the challenges laid out in Vision 2050.   


During 2011 and 2012 Van de Wijs also headed the WBCSD’s engagement program for the United Nations Rio+20 conference which included representing the council at the UN and national UN missions as well as leading a temporary business coalition (BASD2012) of 13 international business organizations to ensure a unified business voice was heard in Rio.


Prior to joining the WBCSD he held, between 1996 and 2010, various positions in communications, government affairs and issues management at The Dow Chemical Company. All positions included a clear sustainability component. Before leaving Dow to join the WBCSD he was leading the Dow Global Water Strategy Team and managing various global heritage issues. In 2000 he lead Dow's global Public Reporting effort, including counsel on the development and adoption of the appropriate reporting metrics and the coordination of the production of 23 national public reporting web sites.


Van de Wijs started his career working for several years as account manager for various advertising and PR agencies in the Netherlands. During his career at Dow he has lived and worked for several years in the United States. He currently resides in Switzerland with his family.



Issue OutcomesDr Tony Jaques is a widely published international authority on issue and crisis management and risk communication. He specialises in auditing and benchmarking issue and crisis processes, and develops and implements  tailored corporate response systems.


Van de Wijs & Partners GmbH

Reputation and Sustainability Consultants

1d9&co is a boutique strategic counsel and advisory firm. In the context of sustainable consumption, 1d9&co focuses on the development of brand, communication and pro-social consumer strategies for clients. Clients span b2c, b2b, non-profit and government. 




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For twenty-five years, GlobeScan has helped clients measure, understand and build valuable relationships with their stakeholders, and to work collaboratively in delivering a sustainable and equitable future.

Uniquely placed at the nexus of reputation, brand and sustainability, GlobeScan partners with clients to build trust, drive engagement and inspire innovation within, around and beyond their organizations.