Van de Wijs & Partners GmbH was dissolved per 07.10.2016 


We thank our clients for the trust

they have given us over the years!


Van de Wijs & Partners are reputation and sustainability strategists passionate about helping our clients create purposeful conversations around their sustainability efforts and their business success.


Think about the business opportunities stemming from a world population that is growing to over 9 billion. All 9 billion long for food, water, shelter, education and an iPad. For businesses the opportunities to grow are enormous. Provided they accept not only that this is a resource and carbon constrained world but also that they operate in the age of dialogue and engagement. 


vdwp believes that honest and clear communications with all stakeholders holds the key to capturing the full value of the sustainability efforts from companies. 





We base our strategies on clear objectives and sound research; not on the latest sexy and cool trend in (social) media. If there is one thing we have learned from our long business experience then it is that the end result drives the means; not vice versa. Through our extensive network of partners we provide best in class solutions in all situations.


Our expansive business background sets us apart from most agencies that position themselves as sustainability experts. For us sustainability is a business reality that offers immense opportunities; not an issue that business needs to be educated on.

Purposeful Conversations

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